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Where to learn French in Hong Kong?

You decided that you want to learn French and you have to choose a French school to study. French Tutors Hong Kong is one of the schools with the highest reputation to learn French but we are not the only option. Here we want to truly help you to make a decision to choose the option that best fits you. Regardless of your age you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Each school has a different teaching approach.

  • Cost (and quality) will vary depending on the number of students.

  • Each school requires different qualifications and experience before hiring their teachers.

  • Management plays an important role in the long term stability of the teachers.

  • You may or may not find the school you want in a location that is convenient for you.

Here you can see the main options that you have available: The French Teachers Association of Hong Kong 1. Advantadges: Small groups of 2-5 students, 1 location in Hong Kong Island and 1 in Kowloon.

2. Disadvantages: If you have a limited budget and prefer very cheap course they don't offer classes in big groups (big group classes typically offer lower prices).

Alliance Française, without doubt, the most famous place to learn French in Hong Kong.

  1. Advantages: Teachers are native and qualified, group lessons are affordable.

  2. Disadvantages: Big group classes, teachers ONLY use French to teach no English or Cantonese to explain. Private classes are expensive.

  1. Advantages: Small group classes, 20 full time teachers highly experienced in exam preparation and multiple locations available. They send the teachers to your home if requested.

  2. Disadvantages: Only French and Spanish courses are offered, limited class availability.

Courses at universities like Chinese Univeristy or hkuspace:

  1. Advantages: Qualified experienced teachers, reasonable cost.

  2. Disadvantages: Big group classes, limited openings a year.

Club des Cinq learning center:

  1. Advantages: They have experience teaching to families of native speakers, teachers tailor make the lesson to each student. Small group classes.

  2. Disadvantages: Teachers often change. They don’t offer home lessons.

  1. Advantages: They are one of the oldest places where they started to teach French in Hong Kong, teachers are experienced. They offer several languages not only French and they have 2 locations in HK Island.

  2. Disadvantages: According to their representatives there are no disadvantages.


We strongly don’t advise you to hire a teacher not working in a official school unless a friend has recommended you the tutor. There are many general websites where they offer tutors for every subject that any person can register to offer their services. Be careful because many profiles of teachers advertised there are fake (the teachers are unqualified and inexperienced) and many tutors have multiple jobs and they do not specialize on teaching, they only teach part time to get some extra money and typically after a few weeks or months they will quit tutoring once they find a better job in their field.

Hopefully you found this article useful, if you have any further questions about learning French in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to contact us!

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