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Premium French Tutors 

The Premium French Tutors in our team are our teachers that have not only excellent qualifications but also many years of experience preparing students for certain exam boards. To be a Premium Tutor it is necessary to have either a degree or master in teaching French and a minimum of five years of teaching experience preparing students for certain exam boards like IGCSE, IB, DELF, SAT, A-levels or HKDSE. 

The advantage of a Premium French Tutor is that he or she will be fully familiar with your exam syllabus and will know all the exam techniques that can help you boost your grade in the shortest time possible. Students always share common weaknesses and there are certain aspects of the exam that can be improved much faster than other. Therefore having a Premium Tutor will definitely make a difference if there is a time constrain in your french learning plan.

In addition to that our Premium Tutors have taught many other students in the past from a wide range schools in Hong Kong which means they know what kind of questions their school teacher will ask them in the oral exams, the order in which topics will be viewed at school and the way they will be assessed. Info about Spanish tutors.

Below you can find a list of our Premium Expert Tutors available:

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Master Degree in Teaching French as a foreign language, University of Artois

Bachelor Degree in Communication, Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut

Thibault has been into language arts since she was very young. He can raise the interest of students with all ages and cultural background in learning French, using his unique intriguing way of teaching, thus achieving the learning objectives. He is also very familiar on how to teach beginner French because he has been to different countries to work as a teacher. His techniques of teaching take care of each student's need and his passion in teaching finally light her way to joining us, benefiting all Hong Kong students.

He is an expert in various exams, like I/GCSE, IB, SAT, DELF because when He was in his sophomore year, he went to different examination Bureau to consult professors on the arts of creating examination papers. He knows exactly what are the common mistakes students made and the traps, and he is more than willing to share with our students.

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French Teacher as a Foreign Language, Alliance Française.
Master in Information and Technologies.

Being native in French and fluent in English and Spanish and thanks to her qualifications Najwane is capable of teaching students using the newest available tools online to reinforce the knowledge taught during her lessons.

Najwane is a well experienced tutor with a deep knowledge of languages. She started giving French private lessons as soon as she arrived in Hong Kong, from beginners to advanced level, she has a deep understanding of not only the language learning process but also the exam syllabus for IGCSE, IB, A-levels and DELF due to her many years of experience

Her teaching approach with beginners is not relying on immersion which requires too much memorisation from the student but rather on linguistic understanding. Hong Kong students are generally fluent in English which allows a faster approach to French, these two languages being very similar in many aspects. She uses what students already know in English as a base material for learning French. She also has a true passion for travel, philosophy and literature which guarantees that more advanced students will receive a good amount of cultural input during the lessons which she tries to keep entertaining and informative.



Master Degree in French as a Foreign Language, University of  Artois (ongoing)

Bachelor Degree in Applied Foreign Languages, University of Paris X

Carlos is a professional Educator as his qualification connotes. He likes photography and he wants to make sure that he can share his work it with people he meets. He is an experienced tutor for teaching exam preparation classes. His academic master knowledge allows him to know all the secrets of scoring on top in different high level French exams. He is a very patient teacher; he does not mind to prepare a lot for classes and make his lesson fun and enjoyable so students can learn in practice. He also ensure students learn what they are expected to learn in his class, they are not going to have chance to be lazy during and after class.

Carlos is responsible for teaching adolescents and adults. They all come back with satisfying result after exams and so he receives grand applause from our students and parents of all ages, which makes him a very popular tutor here.

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Licence in Education University of Reims
Bachelor in Psychology, University of Reims

EMILIE is an experienced and friendly teacher. Raised in Paris, she is very familiar with all the international French exams.  Not limited to IGCSE and IB, but most of her previous students attained over 70 out of 100 in DALF and DELF. She ensures her teaching objectives are reached in each of her class so her students can come back from IGCSE and IB exams with favorable outcome. Such an achievement earns herself a great reputation among parents and students.

With business management background, her flexible and efficient teaching styles are the reason why students of all cultural background can concentrate and enjoy in her lessons and get the most from her. She also likes to make classes as interactive and practical as possible so as to make the French learning experience comprehensive.


Dr. George

PHD in Conflict Studies, Université Saint-Paul.
Master in French as a Foreign Language. Université de Montréal, France.

After teaching French in Canada and France, George joined our team in Hong Kong. Thanks to his tremendous experience with student from any international background, George manages to teach students whether they are coming for fun as well as for high level examinations

 He has been teaching french in Hong Kong for the past 3 years and he enjoys teaching kids and teenagers the most. He has been praised by many of our students in various professional fields. Your best choice for preparing French public exams Dr George is totally familiar with the exam syllabus of the IGCSE and IB exams as he has been teaching students from International schools in Asia for over 5 years.

Dr George is truly an enthusiastic and professional teacher who would prepare a lot to maximise student's learning quality. He is very kind and patient, always teaching French to help his students achieve the best they could.

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Teaching French as a foreign language, University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.

Bachelor Degree in English and literature, University of Troyes.

Chloe has a real passion in languages. Not only she has a good qualification in French language, but also she had devoted to language since she was young. Before coming to Hong Kong, she has been working already overseas as she demonstrated her teaching theories research from University there. Her broad experience enables her to approach and educate students of all backgrounds and levels.

With her deep global insight and eloquent international communication skills, she has a big group of former students who loved her lessons so much and all pass the exams with a decent score but without headaches (A in I/GCSE, 6/7 in IB ab intio).

She is truly an enthusiastic and professional teacher who would prepare a lot to maximise student's learning quality. She is very kind and patient and so she is especially good at advance French grammar and oral practice of different topics.



Postgraduate Diploma in French Education, International House Nice.

Bachelor of Language and Literature, Université Paris Sud​

Martin has been involved with tutoring kids and teens from a very young age. He graduated from high school in the French Diploma School of Hospitality in 2007. From 2008 onward, he started teaching French and English in Sydney and Thailand while perfecting his English. Until 2012, Martin returned France to reinforce his French Education qualification. For the last 5 years up to nowadays, he has been teaching French at French Tutors Hong Kong for kids and teens which enabled him to build a strong knowledge and experience tutoring in IGCSE and IB exams. He is a friendly teacher, many of our adult clients enjoy his class a lot.

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Master’s Degree in French as a second language, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurés 1

Goal-oriented and dedicated, Angela is a true asset when it comes to students who are not comfortable in languages: mastering herself French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin, she definitely knows how to highlight the strengths and weaknesses for the students, whether in small groups or private.
She can thoroughly help the students for their exams, from IGCSE to IB or A Levels. 
Her rich teaching and examining experience has benefit her students in French Tutors to achieve A/A* in I/GCSE exams, 6/7 in IB exams and passing DELF with ease.



Degree in Law. Université Toulouse 1.

Virginie is a very friendly and patient person. She understands exactly how to approach students to make them get interested in the French language and so Virginie receives a handful of positive feedback from her students of academic and leisure classes. Highly experienced in DELF and IB exams, her students come back with exceptionally good result from the tests.

She knows what elements leads to an independent successful language learner. She likes to encourage students to consume various french media, ranging from books to movies, so they can practice their language skills outside classroom. She is keen to answer student language questions at anytime which makes her a popular teacher. Also thanks to her friendliness, she does not mind to prepare individualised learning resources to all our students.

Standard French Tutors

Below you will see some of our team of Standard French Tutors. To be a Standard French Tutor in our team you must be a native speaker, with a degree or master in any area and at least 3 years of experience teaching French. All our tutors are passionate, ful time and will do their best to help you meet your goals and learning objectives. 

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