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Students often start learning French at school when they are young in rather big groups and their participation and practice in class get impacted.

At the French Council, their French lessons in Singapore are done on a one-to-one basis or in semiprivate mode (two or three students) to get the most out of the French learning experience. The teacher can therefore focus on the student’s needs and ensure that he/she receives the best learning experience and take away the maximum of the information out of the lesson. 

The fact that the french class is focused on one student, allows for having a tailor-made programme. The student can ask the teacher prior to the class whether he/she wishes to focus on any aspect of the lesson. The French lesson can be focused on writing, reading, listening, or speaking. At the French Council of Singapore, their French courses vouch for flexibility so that our students focus on their weaknesses and achieve top grades in exams.

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At the French Council of Singapore, they have designed French classes online to enhance as much productivity as possible. Nowadays, commuting time can take a long time and be tiring. This is why their private online French lessons will allow students to save time and energy. Thanks to their online platforms, booking French lessons has never been easier. In addition, all their teachers' team has extensive experience in teaching French online. They strive to make the learning experience as efficient and easy as possible.

Whether it is through games or exercises, their academic director designed our French online lessons so that the way of learning not only gets positively impacted, but shows a high success rate for students to reach their goals.

In their school, their teachers make a true follow-up on the student’s progress. Especially when exams such as IB, IGCSE, or DELF are at stake, our team of French native teachers ensures that the students have the sufficient amount of work to practice in and out of the classroom. Indeed, sometimes students could only dedicate one hour per week to French lessons. However, their teachers are aware that learning French would require a reasonable amount of exposure to the language. Thus, having small exercises to practice during the rest of the week is a recommended way to be using French.

In fact, they are well aware that preparing for exams can be tricky. Their teachers have access to tremendous amounts of resources to make the class as ludic and playful as possible. Learning a language should always be entertaining even if it is for exams so that the students retain the language and information for a longer period of time. 

At the French Council of Singapore, teachers prepare their French classes so that each class is different. They encourage students to learn French to develop their learning skills, not only for school purposes but also for their general culture. Indeed, learning French with the French Council of Singapore will enhance their knowledge of French culture while learning to speak the language. 

Book a trial lesson with them and get the best learning experience.

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